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Nyungwe Top view hotel might not be a five star hotel but it offers pretty good accommodation close to the park. Opened in 2011, the unassuming Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel is located just five minutes’ drive off a main road, on top of a steep hill with views across numerous tea plantations; it has easily the most beautiful views in the Nyungwe Forest area. With its proximity to the headquarters of Nyungwe Forest National Park, it is a good base for trekking to see the chimpanzees and exploring the forest.

Nyungwe Top View Hotel

Nyungwe top view hotel offers activities mainly centered around the park. So look forward to tracking chimpanzees, seeing he Ruwenzori Colobus monkey, birdwatching, forest walk, and going on the Nyungwe canopy walk.

The hotel provides a driver to take you around the park and the various places you might want to visit.


Power supply: Main Electricity

Power supply notes: There is a back-up generator in case of emergencies. It is possible to charge batteries in the rooms. The sockets have two European-style round pins, but the hotel can provide adaptors on request.

Communications: There is WiFi in the central area, although this can be fairly slow. The hotel plans to install phones in all cottages, however this is not yet in place.

TV & radio: There is no TV or radio at Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel.

Water supply: Borehole

Water supply notes: All water comes from the forest itself. Whilst this is fine for brushing your teeth, bottled water is provided in all rooms.

Malarial protection recommended: Yes

Medical care: The nearest medical service is at Kibogora Hospital, 10km from the hotel. There is a first-aid box at the hotel and we were told that a team member was also trained in first aid.

Dangerous animals: Low Risk

Security measures: There are security guards dotted around the property day and night, and there are safes in half of the cottages. Guests staying in cottages without safes may leave valuables with the manager who can lock them away.

Fire safety: Fire extinguishers are positioned by every cottage and around the main areas. Some members of staff are trained to use them. We would advise travellers against having the log fires lit as there are currently no carbon monoxide detectors in the rooms.

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