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Are you in search of the most affordable and yet guaranteed car rental services in Rwanda to enjoy your safari holiday? Silverback gorilla tours offers you Rwanda Car Rental Services to spice up your trip and guarantee a successful self-drive safari holiday in Rwanda leaving you with unforgettable and memorable experiences. Our Car Hire Fleet features extensive safari vehicles, SUV vehicles, Luxury Drives, and coaster buses, which can all serve to fulfil your needs. Whether you are traveling as a group or as a small family, we have a perfect car rental solution for you.

Rwanda Car Rental

Enjoy self-drive trips right from the time you drop off the airplane at the airport, cruising through Kigali City with our driver or if so wish, comfortably enjoying your self-drive alone. For affordable and quality Rwanda car rental services worry no more, We are your ideal choice.

Self Drive Rwanda Car Rental

Silverback gorilla tours has consistently outgrown all travel agencies in Rwanda leading the way in offering the best self drive options in our Rwanda car rental services for solo travelers who would like to explore the land of Thousand Hills at the comfort of their drive. From well-trained travel experts and drivers, we go miles ahead in guiding to know the basics of Driving in Rwanda so that you can enjoy your self drive trip. For example; In Rwanda, driving is different, unlike other African countries, i.e; all cars are on the right, the max speed is 80km/hr while the minimum you can drive is 30km/hr. If you maintain an average 50km/hr on the bumpy roads and 40km/hr in the national game reserves, count the first step of your self drive car hire trip as a success.

Choose from a wide range of vehicles available for hire at cheap rates for the best self drive trips. Our fleet of self drive cars in Rwanda include Toyota Rav4, Safari Land Cruiser, Premio & Land Cruiser Prado all with an air-conditioner, comfortable seats and adequate cargo space for luggage.

Long Term Car Rental Services in Rwanda

Are you planning to hire or rent a safari car or luxury drive in Rwanda for a longer period of time (more than a week)? We are still your number one choice when it comes to long term Rwanda car rental services. We offer reliable and trusted cars for rent for all trip plans and business holidays to serve your needs whether for a safari, research project or a film making activity.

Self Drive Car rental

Choose from our wide range of long term car rentals including 4×4 safari minivans, Toyota coaster buses, land cruiser Prado, SUV vehicles, among others. Our experience in handling long term deals has made us one of the best tour and travel operators around Kigali city.

Rwanda Car Rental Rates

Rent the cheapest and affordable car in Rwanda today and get yourself behind the wheels to enjoy the trip at the comfort of your drive, speed, and choice of destinations to visit. From as low as $40 per day, you can get yourself a self drive car for getting around in Rwanda. Our Rwanda car rental rates include comprehensive motor insurance, third party insurance, unlimited mileage, a travel road map, and guide book, first aid kit box, a cooler box, spare wheels, and 24/7 roadside assistance by our travel guide experts.

If you love the freedom of creating your own travel itinerary then Rwanda is a great country to choose a self drive Rwanda as your mode of transport. Hiring a rental car in Rwanda allows you to travel at your own pace, stopping when you want and having the opportunity to visit places like Volcanoes National Park , Akagera National Park, Nyungwe Forest National park & Gishwati Forest National Park that are off the beaten track for ultimate Self drive Safari Experience on road trips to the land of thousand hills.

Why Choose Silverback tour For Rwanda Car Rental?

You will preferably choose Silverback gorilla tours for Rwanda car rental services because we surely offer both old and latest cars, low mileage vehicles with an easy to book online reservation system enabling you to plan your trip conveniently with no need to worry of your transportation plans.
With Silverback gorilla tours’ Rwanda car rental services, you are assured of numerous trips all over the countries depending on your itinerary plans.

Our Rates are just unbeatable and yet with guaranteed high-quality services.
We extend our car rental services to cover your airport transfer needs by offering you airport pickups and drop-offs as when you stay and leave Rwanda. and city car rental.
With our car rentals, you’ll never be far from a rental branch, a pick-up or drop off location, We are everywhere across the city of Kigali, and distant provinces of the country.

Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Hidden Costs on the Rwanda Car Rental rates?

When you opt for a Rwanda Car rental with us, be sure that you will not be frustrated by any hidden costs. All our fees and rates are calculated and invoiced to you during the reservation process. Even if you make up on your mind and have any amendments in your reservation, we can surely update your details or even allow cancellation of your trip at no added costs. Be sure to notify us within 24 hours before pickup.

Does the Company Allow Cross Border Trips

Definitely Yes, Silverback gorilla tours guarantees you the chance to cross the border from one country to another especially on combined tours. All we need is just to be notified at the time of booking so that we can plan ahead for you.
In case you were looking to rent a car to enable you to cross borders like to Uganda, Congo, Tanzania, and DRC, We are here to serve you fully.

How About Rwanda Car Rental with a Driver?

When you book a car with us, we can as well provide an additional service of hiring a driver for those with no valid driving licenses or those who might face a challenge driving in Rwanda. Drivers can be secured at just an Extra pay of USD 40-50 Per day (depending on the season). All our drivers are vastly experienced and can as well double as your tour guides on your safari itineraries.

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