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How To Obtain Rwanda Gorilla Permits

How to Obtain Rwanda Gorilla Permits

Reserving gorilla permits in Rwanda is a timely manner and a ticket for you to trek the mountain gorillas in the Virunga volcanoes.

Gorilla tracking is one of the most popular activities out in Volcanoes national park and you must have a gorilla permit to be able to trek the gorillas. The gorilla permits reservations are managed by the Rwanda Development Board. A gorilla permit in Rwanda cost $1500 per person per day. In a single day, only 80 people are allowed to visit the gorillas in groups of 8people which implies that there is an availability of 80 permits per day. A maximum of 8 people is allowed to visit a given habituated gorilla group on each day and allowed to spend a maximum of one hour with the gorillas.

Gorilla permits are ever on a high demand throughout the year just because of the stiff completion and as a result, they get fully booked with payments on first come first serve basis. Therefore advised to book gorilla permits in advance in order to avoid disappointments.

To visit the mountain gorillas, you must have booked a day’s permit and booked in advance at least 6 months before the Gorilla trekking date mainly in the peak season of June to September and December to February or at least 1-3 months in the low seasons of October to November and March to May.

Gorilla permits

Gorilla Permit Availability

When planning for gorilla trekking in Rwanda during the period of November, December and early next year, all you need is to book your gorilla permit right now in order to avoid disappointments on the day of your gorilla trekking.

The Rwanda development Board wants all tourists to enjoy their visits to Rwanda and more so the incredible and memorable experience while with the endangered mountain gorillas. Make arrangements now so that you avoid disappointments while on the land of a thousand hills- Rwanda. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is carried out in Parc Nationale des Volcanoes

Booking Gorilla permits through a tour and travel agent

Most tourists who organize gorilla safaris to East Africa (Rwanda) book their permits through tour companies and all of them say that reserving gorilla permits through a local tour agent in Rwanda is simple, saves time and less tiresome than booking permits directly through the Rwanda Development Board.
Tour operators make the process faster thereby getting a gorilla permit confirmed in a short period of time. Below is the process on how to book the gorilla permits through a tour agent.

Contact us; prior to making a gorilla permit booking, you’re supposed to let us know about your travel dates in which you want to have a safari to Rwanda with the Exact dates you may want to track the gorillas.
After getting informed about your travel dates, we let you know about the availability of gorilla permits on those particular dates and then request you to make a deposit on the safari cost so that we secure the gorilla permits.
The deposit is made on the bank details provided to you and payments may either be done through a Bank wire transfer or Charging a credit card. Both methods of payments take 3-4 days for the money to reach our account.
Once the money reaches our account or is processed, we shall notify you of acknowledging receipt of the money. In case you pay by credit card, there are 5% bank charges, and in case you pay by bank wire transfer, there are USD30-40 bank charges.

You also need to send us your passport details (Name, Number, and nationality) which are needed to be printed on the gorilla permit. We shall then reserve your gorilla permits upon the receipt of the deposit and later send you scanned copies of the permits.

Getting a Rwanda gorilla permit is a guarantee to see the gorillas, while on your safari in the volcanoes National Park.

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