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Cormoran Lodge is located in the village of Kibuye on the eastern shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda. Cormoran Lodge is a pleasant place to stay, perfectly situated to break the journey between Virunga Mountains and Nyungwe Forest. Enjoy this beautifully located log-cabin lodge for an overnight whilst on a gorilla trekking trip, or stay longer for a laid-back holiday at the lake. Set in a small bay, a short distance to the north of town, Cormoran Lodge consists of elegant little public areas and just a handful of rooms, all set up on stilts on steep slopes above a small raised beach.

Cormoran Lodge

The central areas of Cormoran Lodge consist of a large wooden structure set into the hill, supported on wooden stilts, with recently renovated wooden decking. At its heart are a large bar and a big fireplace, which is lit in the cooler evenings. On one side, there are sofas, chairs and a TV; on the other, tables are set out for dinner.

Cormoran Lodge Activities

Steep steps lead down to a small private man-made beach next to the lake, with a few sunloungers, a campfire, and toys and swings for children to play on. It’s just a short walk to a jetty where guests are welcome to swim, while the more active can rent kayaks or motorboats, or go water skiing. Lake Kivu area has lot biodiversity secrets; it has 26 fish species and is a breeding haven for many bird species. Most of breeding areas are on the same islands and peninsula. Daily excursions include a visit to Napoleon Island near Kibuye – home to thousands of bats. Spend the night or enjoy a meal at Amahoro Island near Kibuye, or visit the inhabitants of Bugarama and Nkomo Islands. There is also the option to cycle, hike or drive along the Congo-Nile Trail. This 227 km long trail runs from Gisenyi to Kamembe along the scenic shores of Lake Kivu.

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